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      Ķekava bypass PPP project

        General information about the project

        Why Ķekava bypass? 

        The Ķekava bypass after its construction will be the new section of the road A7 Riga – Bauska – the border of Lithuania (Grenctale) from km 7.9 to km 25.0 and it will be a part of the international road E67 Via Baltica (Helsinki – Tallinn – Riga – Panevežys – Kaunas – Warsaw – Prague). It will be a part of the TEN-T network ensuring the most efficient road connection between the capital of Latvia – Riga and the neighbor country Lithuania as well as the rest of Europe. The road E67 provides traffic stream through Riga city to the bypass of Riga (A4 Baltezers-Saulkalne), the bypass of Riga (A5 Salaspils-Babīte), the road A6 Riga-Daugavpils-Kraslava-the border of Belorussia (Patarnieki), the road A8 Riga-Jelgava-the border of Lithuania (Meitene) as well as the road A9 Riga (Skulte)-Liepaja.

        The existing road E67 / A4 in its section Riga – Ķekava has one of the highest volume – capacity ratio in Latvia and the traffic volume has been multiplied several times during the last 15 years exceeding 17 000 vehicles per day. Consequently, already now the planned traffic volume for the existing road construction has been exceeded approximately three times, moreover, this is the only exit out of the Riga city having two-lane carriageway.

        Technical characteristic of the planned bypass 

        The total length of the Ķekava Bypass has been planned 17.5 km including construction of the new high -speed section (14.4 km in total) and reconstruction of the existing road (3.1 km). 11.1 km of them planned as four-lane carriageway and 6.4 km planned carriageway with two lanes. The project includes also four multiple junctions, four tunnels, one bridge, seven roundabouts as well as parallel roads in total length of 16.2 km.

        Preconditions of using PPP model

        PPP or Private – Public partnership project has been chosen as the most appropriate solution based on the following criteria:

        • involvement of the private sector (construction companies, banks etc.) into providing of the public services (in this case, the public partner or client is the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia),
        • high quality road construction within the desired timeframe,
        • mutual economic advantage,
        • an optimal cost-effective risk distribution,
        • innovative management and technologies,
        • growth of industry enterprises

        Characteristic of the PPP model

        The PPP model chosen for construction of the Ķekava Bypass has the following conditions:

        • type of contract – DBFM (design, build, finance and maintain),
        • the contract duration: 23 years (3 year for technical designing and construction, 20 years for maintenance),
        • type of payments to the private partner: availability payments

        Planned time schedule of the project implementation


        Useful information about the project


        On November 29, 2018, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, SJSC Latvian State Roads (LSR) submitted an Announcement on Contract to the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau thus launching the procurement procedure “Public – Private Partnership Contract on Designing, Construction, Financing and Maintaining of Section 7.9 – 25.0 km (Kekava Bypass) of Riga – Bauska – Lithuanian Border (Grenctāle)”, ID No LVC/2018/100/PP. The procurement procedure is competitive procedure with negotiations.

        On December 6, 2018, LSR published the procurement documenation of the selection phase on its website Please note that the procurement language is Latvian.  The Selection and Award Procurement Documents are provided also in English for informative purposes only.

        The annoncement on Contract is available on the official website of the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau:

        The deadline of submission of the selection documents is January 30*, 2018 at 10 AM Latvian time.   


        * Announcement about the prolongation published on the official website of the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau on 06.01.2019: 


        On September 4-7, 2018, the International Open Days 2 of the PPP project “Kekava Bypass” took place in Riga in the form of individual Q&A sessions to raise awareness on requirements of the competitive procedure with negotiations including selection and award criteria.

        The most important information discussed during the event has been summarized in the following documents:

        ….Presentation_OpenDays2 04-07.09.2018 (ENG),

        ….Frequently asked questions during OpenDays2  (ENG).


        Please note that the information published in this section of the webiste may differ from the official procurement documentaion and therefore can be used for informative needs only.


         Technical documentation

        Technical requirements for designing, building, maintenance and hand-back processes

        In order to give an opportunity to be prepared for participation in the procurement process, there are drafts of the requirements for preparing technical offers (procurement stage) as well as for designing, building, maintenance and hand-back (contract stage) processes available:

        Requirements for development of the technical offers (work documentation) within the PPP procurement process (LAT)

        E67 A7 Kekava Bypass technical requirements for the designing, building, maintenance and hand-back processes (LAT)

        There is also possibility to get acquainted with the technical requirements for the building of the road A7 Riga – Bauska – the border of Lithuania (Grenctale) from km 7.9 to km 25.0 (Ķekava Bypass) issued by the 3rd parties to Public Partner represented by SJSC Latvian State Roads or issued by Public Partner to the 3rd parties:

        Technical requirements for the building of the Ķekava Bypass issued by the competent authorities  (.zip folder; LAT)

        Technical requirements issued by the SJSC ‘Latvian State Roads” to the 3rd parties (.zip folder; LAT)

        NB! The published documents are drafts for informative purposes only and can differ from the documentation published within the official procurement procedure.
        Procurement procedure – competitive procedure with negotiations is due to be announced in October- November 2018.


        Environmental impact assessment (EIA) 

        Considering the development history of the Ķekava bypass and solutions of the project,  Environmental impact assessment has been drawn up to ensure further development and implementation of the project considering requirements of legislation. The assessment has been developed by a company of environmental solutions “Vides eksperti” Ltd. in cooperation with “Projekts 3” Ltd. The document has been developed in accordance with requirements of the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment Article 1 and Paragraph 6 of its Annex 1 “Objects for which assessment of impact is necessary”. Environment State Bureau (ESB) issued its opinion on report of environmental impact assessment on March 3, 2017. The document was harmonized by Ķekava County Council on March 9, 2017.

        The documents are available in Latvian only except for the opinion of the Environment State Bureau which can be considered as an executive summary of the report of environmental impact assessment and which is available in English.

        Report of the Environmental impact assessment. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (LAT)

        Report of the Environmental impact assessment. THE ACTUAL VERSION (LAT)

        List of annexes_EIA Actual version (ENG)
        Annexes_EIA Actual version (.zip folder; LAT)

        Report of the Environmental impact assessment. THE FINAL REPORT WITH RESULTS OF EIA (LAT)

        List of annexes_EIA final version (ENG)
        Annexes of EIA final version (.zip folder; LAT)

        SJSC Latvian State Roads has confirmed following addendums to the technical solutions included in the report of the Environmental Impact Assessment which must be considered:

        Principal solution: Crossroads of the road A5 and Ķekava Bypass
        Principal solution: Junction to the perspective Everesta Street
        Principal solution: Roundabout of the Mezmalas Street near shopping center “A7”

        Please note! Files CD-1 Location of object and CD-2 The base option (planned operation)-1 to CD-2 The base option (planned operation)-12 are identical to files in chapter Report of the Environmental impact assessment. THE ACTUAL VERSION / Annex4

        The opinion of the Environment State Bureau (ENG)


        Sketch project of Ķekava bypass

        The sketch project of Ķekava bypass has been developed in 2007 assessing an option to reconstruct the existing road section, as well. Materials can be used for informative purposes only; they are available only in Latvian.

        SKETCH PROJECT of Ķekava bypass (2007) (.zip folder; LAT)

        Sketch project of Ķekava bypass. GEO-TECHNICAL RESEARCH (2007) (LAT) (updated)

        Sketch project of Ķekava bypass. GEO-TECHNICAL RESEARCH. MAP OF GEOLOGICAL DRILLS (2007)